Currently Loving 01

  • The latest Spring collection from Doen is soooo dreamy.

  • Living in these Madewell slippers! Grabbed them on sale from Nordstrom.

  • The @intentionalism instagram as me inspired to continue to work towards more minimalism and reducing waste. Still a work in progress.

  • My new Vans I got for Christmas. Casual and comfy is my everyday especially now that I am almost 40 weeks pregnant.

  • Nesting is real thing!

  • Just starting season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Anyone else loving it?

  • Smudging home and shop and all the corners!

  • Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix changing lives.

  • Native is my favorite natural deodorant. I grab from our local Yoga studio, The Kula Project who carries it, but Target now carries it too if you want to give it a try without having to order online.

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